Nam gue, Park
Chang-Sik, Yoo
Young-Wook, Song
Min-Ryung, Choi
Ryeo Sim, Son
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Attorneys / principal attorney
Nam gue, Park
- College of Law, Sungkyunkwan University
- Judicial Research and Training Institute of Korea
- Securities and Finance Training Institute, Seoul Bar Association
82-2-535-6050 82-2-535-6005
- Korean Bar
- Appellate Review Committee, Supreme Prosecutorsí» Office
- Partner, Lawfirm Harmonylaw
- Legal Advisor
National Agricultural Cooperative
HMP Consulting Inc.
AB Industries Co., Ltd.
Korea Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Korea Railroad
- Consultation and Litigation
Cases related to Credit Guarantee Fund and Housing Finance Credit Guarantee Fund
- Public Defender:
Seoul Central District Court
Seoul High Court
Supreme Court