Nam gue, Park
Chang-Sik, Yoo
Young-Wook, Song
Min-Ryung, Choi
Ryeo Sim, Son
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Young-Wook, Song
- College of Law, Korea University
- Graduate School of Law, Korea University
- Judicial Research and Training Institute (2002)
82-2-565-9847, 82-2-565-9848 82-2-565-9886
- Korean Bar
- Specialization Certificate in Patent Law
- Specialization Certificate in Real Estate Law
- Patent Attorney
- Tax Accountant
[Government & Public Enterprise]
- Mediator, Seoul Central District Court
- Legal Advisor:
Korea Asset Management Corporation
Woori Bank
Korea Credit Repair Fund
Ministry of Information and Communication
- Consultancy and Litigation services:
Korea Credit Repair Fund
Korea Housing Finance Corporation
Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund
Korea Highway Corporation
Korea Railroad Corporation
Korea Railroad Network Authority
[Company & Organization]
- Legal Advisor:
Maekyungdotcom Co., Ltd
Korea Hotel Association
Seoul Garden Co., Ltd.
Bgh Korea Co., Ltd.
Seotaiji Company Co., Ltd.
Baby Memories Co., Ltd.
Gocheok Third Housing Redevelopment Project Association
The Daily Sports Co., Ltd.
Kesson Co., Ltd.
The Born Korea Co., Ltd.
Beetlemap Co., Ltd.
Wookyung Construction Co., Ltd.
Enjoy365 Co., Ltd.
Quiksilver Co., Ltd.
Ecko Co., Ltd.
One Card System Co., Ltd.
Taechang Family Co., Ltd.
[Social Activity]
- Member, Benchmarking Test, Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency
- Advisor, KAIT LBS Industrial Council
- Secretary, Japan Subcommittee of Seoul Bar Association International Committee
- Write column for Hotel & Restaurant