Nam gue, Park
Chang-Sik, Yoo
Young-Wook, Song
Min-Ryung, Choi
Ryeo Sim, Son
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Chang-Sik, Yoo
- Social Studies, College of Education, Seoul National University
- College of Law, Seoul National University
- Graduate School of Law, Yonsei University (Master, Intellectual Property)
- Judicial Research and Training Institute of Korea (2002)
82-2-565-9881 82-2-565-9886
- Korean Bar
- Patent Attorney
- ROTC, 30th (Reserve Officers Training Corps)
- Personnel Committee of Seoul Bar Association
- Legal Advisor:
Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service
Seoul Veterinary Medical Association
Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs
Korea Intern Resident Association
Korea Association of Geriatric Hospitals
Shindongah Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
Labor Union, Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
Ministry of Health & Welfare
National Health Insurance Corporation
- Write column for Leader's Korea